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Indulge in the exquisite taste of 135Prime’s Key Lime Pie, meticulously crafted in-house to tantalize your senses. We take pride in using the finest ingredients, infusing the zesty essence of both kaffir and Key limes into every velvety bite. The marriage of these citrus flavors creates a symphony of tangy sweetness, a perfect balance that dances on your taste buds with each forkful. The pie’s luscious filling, enriched with the distinctive aroma of kaffir lime, evokes a tropical paradise while maintaining the classic allure of Key lime desserts.

Adorning this culinary masterpiece is a cloud-like coconut-infused whipped cream, adding a luxurious creaminess and a subtle hint of tropical indulgence. As you savor each spoonful of the pie, the airy coconut-infused cream amplifies the delightful citrus notes, creating a divine fusion of flavors that transport you to sun-kissed shores.

To complete this decadent experience, we serve our Key Lime Pie alongside a scoop of velvety coconut gelato, crowned with delicate coconut shavings. The cool creaminess of the gelato, coupled with the tropical allure of coconut, provides a harmonious contrast to the zesty tang of the pie. Together, they orchestrate a symphony of textures and flavors, a culinary ode to paradise that leaves an enduring impression on your palate and your memories. This dessert isn’t just a dish; it’s a blissful escapade into a world where every bite is a celebration of the artistry and innovation behind fine dining.

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